The founders

  • Hans Jütting (1909 - 1999)
  • Eugenia Jütting geb. Czerny (1907 - 2004)

Managing committee

The managing committee conducts the affairs of the Foundation in accordance with its constitution. It is responsible for realising the aims of the constitution, and is the public face of the Foundation. Its members work in an honorary capacity.

  • Heinz-Erhard Woltert, Stendal (chairman)
  • Michael Hentschel, Stendal (vice-chairman)
  • Ulf Drewes, Stendal
  • Burkhard Vogel, Stendal
  • Dr. Herbert Wollmann, Stendal

Board of trustees

The board of trustees advises, supports and monitors the managing committee in the performance of its activities. It elects the members of the managing committee.

Members of the board of trustees (5 up to 9 members)

  • Klaus Schmotz, Oberbürgermeister Stendal (chairman)
  • Norbert Wesling, Stendal (vice-chairman)
  • Prof. Markus Poschke, Montreal / Kanada
  • Prof. Gunter Dufey, Michigan / USA
  • Prof. Rolf Mirus, Alberta / Kanada
  • Dr. Klaus Mörs, Stendal
  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Patzig, Stendal

Advisory board

There are three parts of the advisory board (in each case 3 to 5 members) that advises the board of trustees:

  • Music committee

    The music committee submits proposals for music scholarships to the managing committee.


    • SMD Michael Hentschel, Stendal (chairman)
    • Sylvia Fülle, Stendal
    • Johannes Schymalla, Stendal
    • Dr. Michael Steenbuck, Stendal

  • Scientific committee

    The scientific committee submits proposals for scholarships in fields other than music to the managing committee.


    • Dagmar Stolzenhain, Stendal
    • Dr. Joachim Franke, Stendal
    • Dr. Andreas Trusen, Stendal
    • Ulf Drewes, Stendal

  • Finance committee

    The finance committee develops the foundation’s investment strategy, and advises the managing committee on financial management.


    • Prof. Gunter Dufey, Michigan / USA (chairman)
    • Prof. Markus Poschke, Montreal / Kanada
    • Prof. Rolf Mirus, Alberta / Kanada
    • Burkhard Vogel, Stendal


The spokesman supports the various bodies of the Foundation in their efforts to publicise its concerns

  • Dr. Michael Steenbuck, Stendal